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Capital Kinetics

Shaping The Future of Investment Banking 

About Us



Our Story

Established in 2011, Capital Kinetics has developed in niche sectors.  Following on from the 2008 Credit Crunch,  traditional methods of funding and fundraising had changed. As advice becomes sparse and funding becomes transactional, the market has become confused.   A new era in funding risk, combined with the rise of peer based investments and lending has led the need for a new type of advisor, one well versed in the landscape of finance, combined with a strategic view of a client’s requirements.

Who We Are
Our Vision

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced advisors and consultants with experience from all related sectors


  • Corporate Strategy

  • Private Equity

  • Business planning

  • Wealth & Investment Management

  • Forensic Accounting and Recovery


We are purist in our advice bringing experience from 1970’s to the 2020’s

To bring a consultative approach to guiding businesses through their opportunities and challenges

our world

Corporate Strategy 

Business Planning is the cornerstone of growth.  Today we have learned short cuts to speed funding and growth.  A carefully thought our strategy and an achievable business plan with the appropriate amount of   funding build the foundation of a sustainable venture.

Rescue and Recovery

No matter how perfect the strategy and plan, companies are often faced with anomalies in the market that can bring about change.  How the change is managed can determine a businesses viability and change the path from rescue to recovery.


Understanding why you need the funding is equally as important as how much.  With the plethora of funding options, it has become vitally important to measure the funding requirement to the business development.  The evaluation of the conditions of funding have had devastating impacts on stakeholder morale and success. 

What We Offer

Family Office Advisory

Specialising in both fixed income, equity an generational  investments, Capital Kinetics is positioned to offer a series of perfectly matched investments to an investor.  We work with and support your in house investment management teams.    

Fund Management 

Initially entering into the fund management world in Energy and Construction, we have recently branched out into medical technology.  Working with innovators and incubators from the US across the EU and into South Asia.  We have developed an international team of managers and analysts. 

Valuation and Exit Strategies

When the work has been done and the blood, sweat and tears have been invested, the time for the next phase is as equally important than the start.  The valuation and exit strategy is more than just a sale, Having had success in previous investments and personal exists.  Capital Kinetics will be able to build the best value, which often is more than cash! 



c kademy-01_edited.png
Deep Industry Knowledge

Whilst we remain sector agnostic in our profile we have inherited skills in key industrial areas;

.Structured Finance

  • Property

  • Energy


  • SaaS

  • Healthacre / Medical 

  • Genomics /Life Sciences


  • Devices

  • Diagnostics

  • Manufacturing

Years of Experience

With a team who started their careers in the 70's 80' 90's and even in the 20's.  We truly have the breadth and depth of experience to tack the simplest lending to the most complex international IPO/


a pedigree developed across Asia, Europe and the Americas a team that can deliver in any environment   

In-house Research Teams

Our in house research teams have been educated at some of the finest global institutions

  • Cambridge

  • Oxford

  • MIT

  • Northeastern State

  • Cardiff University

  • University of Bologna

  • University of Palma

We provide a level of research akin to the big consultancies of the world

Why Us



Our Address

Level 3 2-7 regents Street

London W1B 3HH

Our Phone No.

+44 (0) 330 113 0 311

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